Courthouse Expansion

Morris County, NJ

Welcome to the project website for the New Morris County Courthouse

Welcome to the project website for the design and construction of the Morris County Courthouse Expansion in the Town of Morristown.

Morris County has attempted to meet the growing needs of the Courts, the County and other users on a project by project basis, making the best use of the space available in the various buildings in Morristown, New Jersey.  As a result of the space needs report “Courts and County Administration Space Needs Assessment” completed in January 2018 by Dewberry/Louis Berger, it was recommended to construct a new criminal courthouse that will be attached to the existing Morris County Administration & Records Building at the corner of Washington Street and Schuyler Place.

Morris County Government in coordination with the New Jersey Trial Courts serving Morris County (part of Vicinage 10) are designing a new criminal courthouse to occupy the open air parking lot and portion of the pocket park at Washington Street and Schuyler Place. The project goals are to provide additional criminal court space that is safe and accessible for both the court staff and visiting public.

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